Hello, 👋 I am

Suraj Gehlot
< Frontend Developer ⁄ >

💻 I design and build quality responsive websites, clean user interfaces and rich interactive web apps. Targeting 💛 Javascript ⚛️ React and other web development opportunities.

🚀 I'm open to learning, adapt to work with the team, freelance opportunities, contract jobs and use skills to solve complex UI challenges.

About Me

Hello!, my name is Suraj, a Self taught frontend developer.

The scope of my work is a large part of frontend which includes
🔸 UI Designing 🔸 Single Page Applications 🔸Responsive Websites 🔸 Web Apps.

Current skill sets

Language   ✅   ▪ HTML/CSS ▪ JavaScript ▪ TypeScript ▪ SASS

Framework/Libraries  ✅ ▪ React ▪ NextJS ▪ ExpressJS ▪ Bootstrap

Soft Skills  ✅  ▪ Team Player ▪ Problem Solver

Design/Others  ✅  ▪ Figma


Please have a look at three portfolio projects with demonstration.

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What problem it solves

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React    NextJS    Tailwind-CSS    API

About : Speednet is a local fiber optic, high-speed internet service provider in the Mumbai area. Ranging from different plans users can subscribe to internet facilities.


The original website has many flaws like issues with button functionalities, color combinations, random spelling mistakes, so I redesign the whole website clean UI.


While making this project, coming up with a design was a bit challenging. I took a lot of references from other templates and dribble to make this design with this color combination.

HTML/CSS    Javascript    Bootstrap    Jquery Lib   


Check Vaccine slot availability for UNR town with following pin code 421001 to 421005, 421103 and 421502 vaccine center.

देखें कि उल्हासनगर 421001 से 421005, 421103, 421502 राज्य सरकार और निजी अस्पतालों द्वारा प्रदान में टीका उपलब्ध है या नहीं

What problem it solves

Cowin application have a limit to the number of pincode search a user can do, and every few search sessions end and user need to sigin again.

Hence for UNR town citizens this website will be help them find open vaccine slot availability anytime.

React    Bootstrap    COWIN Open Source API

Alternate Projects

Some additional projects to check out divided into category wise.

Javascripts Projects

Vanilla js, ES6 features, API, module architecture, animation libraries, jquery based different all category projects demonstration.

Webpack & Babel

Frontend UI Projects

Improving front-end coding skills by building real HTML, CSS and JavaScript challenges whilst working to professional designs.

Figma to Code

React Projects

React-In-One important react js concepts with each mini demo implementation and other react projects.

React & NextJS


innetwork is a fullstack linkedin clone application. Responsive web app with redux state management, Firebase Auth and Firestore

React & Firebase


Tap, click copy and paste unicode symbols.👑 Chess emoji, 🡆 Arrow Unicode character, 📙 Language characters, ₿ Currency Symbols etc.

NextJS   SSR

Old Portfolio

Old Portfolio website, inspired from instagram UI and one link in bio rule products, it includes AOS scroll animation.

Github Graph API

Client Testimonial

Online project testimonial and feedback for web development project delivery.


  I got connected with Suraj and briefed my business. We discussed the theme of how I want to have a yellow and black theme website.

Suraj also helped me by providing valuable suggestions. He got into my shop, got a lot of pictures for my business, and after one week first we final the template and then the website work which I got I'm pretty much more than satisfied.

Suraj also helped me set up my social media pages and WhatsApp business profile. I liked his work and also in the future, my e-commerce brand store building will work with him. 

  Suraj is a talented developer with very good design skills which surprised me with super professional communication skills and a strong marketing sense that enables him to see the big picture of projects.

He will get the job done on time, suggest improvements, and will leave you with an overall feeling that you received a lot more then you paid for it.

He goes the extra mile to create long-term partnerships, not just one-time jobs. A pleasure to work with. 


Contact Me

😊 Please Drop a message, let's connect, will reach out as soon as possible.