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Suraj Gehlot
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I design and build quality responsive websites, clean user interfaces and rich interactive web apps. Targeting React, Javascript and other web development opportunities.

I'm open to learning, adapt to work with the team, freelance opportunities, contract jobs and use skills to solve complex UI challenges and provide value to the growth of an organization.

About Me

Hello!, my name is Suraj, a self taught frontend developer.

The scope of my work is a large part of frontend which includes PSD to HTML, design, coding layouts, single page applications, responsive websites, web apps, CSS/JS animations, and other work based on web development and javascript.

I like to code things for web, and enjoy bringing ideas to life in the browser. I'm always open to adapt to work with team and work on new frontend skills and technology.

Current skill sets

Language   >   HTML/CSS , JavaScript, TypeScript , SASS

Framework/Libraries  >  React , Redux , NextJS , ExpressJS , Jest, CSS framework, REST APIs

Design/Others  >  Figma , Adobe Illustrator

Agile Methodology > Kanban


Please have a look at portfolio projects, the three projects also have a video demonstration.

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React    NextJS    Tailwind-CSS    API

About : innetwork is a fullstack linkedin clone application.

Tech stack

Responsive web app with redux state management, Firebase Auth for user authentication, Firestore as db to store post data and basic CRUD application.


Login Auth - 0.17s, Data in Feed - 0.27s, Logout - 1.00s , Responsive Design- 1.37s , Code - 2.00s

React    Redux    Firebase    Material-UI   

About : Speednet is a local fiber optic, high-speed internet service provider in the Mumbai area. Ranging from different plans users can subscribe to internet facilities.


The original website speedonetbroadband.com has many flaws like issues with button functionalities, color combinations, random spelling mistakes, so I redesign the whole website clean UI.


While making this project, coming up with a design was a bit challenging. I took a lot of references from other templates and dribble to make this design with this color combination.

HTML/CSS    Javascript    Bootstrap Grid    Jquery Lib   

Alternate Projects

Some additional projects to check out divided into category wise.

React Projects

React-In-One important react js concepts with each mini demo implementation and other react projects.

Create React App

Javascripts Projects

Vanilla js, ES6 features, API, module architecture, animation libraries, jquery based different all category projects demonstration.

Webpack & Babel

Frontend UI Projects

Improving front-end coding skills by building real HTML, CSS and JavaScript challenges whilst working to professional designs.

Figma to Code

Old Portfolio

Old portfolio website, inspired from instagram page, includes github chart, AOS scroll animation and particle js library.

Github Graph API


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NextJS   SSR

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Parcel Bundler

Contact Me

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